Bay Area native, Kelli Baskin (Bolling) is a Certified Massage Therapist, and a graduate of Georgia Medical Institute in Marietta, GA in 2004.

With over 10 years of experience, and a background in Sports Massage, Kelli found her true purpose during her career at UC Berkeley (2006-2010), serving as the Program Director of Cal Massage Therapy, as well as a sports massage practitioner. In 2007, her concerns for athletes who suffered from sport related injuries, led her to develop, and design the blueprint for the Cal Sports Massage Therapy Team. As the founder, this program is very dear to her heart. It is currently the first and remains to be the only team of it's kind at a State University.

After many years of freelancing as the personal therapist for several professional athletes, Kelli's passion for Injury Prevention through Sports Massage, birthed Platinum Player Sports Therapy. A sports massage therapy service to the athletically inclined. In conjunction with Platinum Therapy Spa, our services assist clients with relaxation, pain relief, increased flexibility and enhanced performance.


"Providing Platinum Services to every client".